1. Enrolment
We accept day school students, boys and girls, aged 2 year and over, healthy and no contagious disease
2. Documents required for application
Parents will be required to provide following documents as evidence
1. A photocopy of birth certificate
2. A photocopy of House Registration
3. Five photographs, size 1 inch
1. A photocopy of Identity Card
2. A photocopy of House Registration
3. Two photographs, size 1 inch
3.Semesters. Each year is divided into two semesters
A. First semester starts on 18th of May till 10th of October
B. Second semester starts on 1st of November till March
4.Class Schedule
School opens from 7:30 am and line up at 8:15 am.
Class is over at 3:00 pm
A. Weekends (Saturday – Sunday) and public holidays
B. Annual holidays
Drop – off and Pick – up Children
1. Drop off children with the teacher on duty at the school gate
2. To pick up, it must be an assigned person and must show a card provided by the School
3.School provides transfer for children with a reasonable fee
6. Food
Menu will be set up semester by semester in with the school will notify parents in every term
Dress code
Shirts  for boys and girls are white, short-sleeve, Shirt collars, with pocket on the left embroidered with acronym of the school’s name and last name together with a nickname embroidered with red silk over the pocket’s top
Skirts Navy blue color, pleated skirt around the waist, front and rear having two buttonholes sewed each side
Shorts Navy blue color, with zippers at the side, two buttonholes sewed each side both in front and the back
Shoes  Heel-wrapped black leather shoes, with white socks
8. Children’s personal items
1. A set of pajamas – embroidered with surname
2. A piece of towel – embroidered with surname
3. Linen, pillow cover, apron, bag, embroidered with surname

Note  All children’s items are clearly and permanently tagged with surname on it by the Parent to prevent the loss and mixed up confusion and do not dress up with valuables beyond children’s status. If loss and or damage occurs, the school will not be responsible for this

1. If a child is sick with a contagious disease, the child much be taken to be healed at home until recovery to normal health
2. If a child suddenly gets ill at school, the school will notify the parent to sent to a doctor or the school will take the child to hospital and notify the parents immediately. So please give the school your current contact numbers