Main principles for childcare and training age

  • To possess the courage and know how to express an opinion
  • To know how to make decision by themselves
  • To know how to work together in a team and to know how to sacrifice
  • To develop a habit of self learning, having patience and perseverance
  • Having responsibility for the duties of society and their own
  • Training for the brain development, hand and leg muscles, speech practice and other developments
  • Train a child to be familiar with learning environment in general
  • Learn to read, write, speak and use Thai phrases correctly and clearly
  • Learn to read aloud in English , Chinese with a correct method taught by foreign teachers
  • Train them to learn counting, addition and subtraction by using shortcuts


*** Train them to have well behaved manners, to speak politely and finely.***


Such main principles will be fundamental and significantly great benefit in the future for growing into adults who much be responsible themselves and their own families